DiscoverLoreEpisode 142: Reflections
Episode 142: Reflections

Episode 142: Reflections

Update: 2020-05-1145


There’s a lot that science has explained away. Mysteries that left us cowering in fear. Events that challenged our feelings of security and control. But even after all that progress, there are still some unexplained stories that left to haunt us.


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Comments (7)

Emily Sather

He didn't mention that the Pollock twins had older siblings. They weren't only children. Also the father was obsessed with reincarnation. There is a theory that their older siblings told them about their dead sisters.

Jun 5th
Reply (1)

Alone podcast

This is an amazing podcast I love hearing every story

May 23rd

Alone podcast

I love this podcast I’ve been hooked since day one

May 23rd


We put marks on our deceased relatives, which would show as moles or other skin marks, so that we would know when they're born back in the family. I thought it was only superstitious hmm...

May 19th

Katie the Book and Yarn Dragon

Glad I'm not an ancient Chinese astronomer.

May 12th

Alpha Centauri

This was good, this episode sounds like the original 20ish episodes.

May 11th
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Episode 142: Reflections

Episode 142: Reflections

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