DiscoverLoreEpisode 143: Inside Information
Episode 143: Inside Information

Episode 143: Inside Information

Update: 2020-05-2548


Some of the oldest and most popular parts of folklore are the ghost stories. Whether told around a campfire, or red about in the safety a well-lit room, they are always fun, and often chilling. But there’s so much more to ghosts than wispy visions and rattling chains.


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Tabitha Ruff

my grandma likes to tell the story of how when she was a girl, her family moved into a new house and every night they were bothered by a baby's cry. Their youngest was 4 or so, so they didnt know where the baby's cries were coming from. One night her mom tore the entire house apart looking for the baby and pin pointed it to a spot on the floor. So she tore the floor up. And she found the skeleton of a baby. After that the baby never cried again, and that stuck with my grandma ever since.

Jun 9th
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Episode 143: Inside Information

Episode 143: Inside Information

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