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Episode 15: A Small Tangent about the Nipples

Episode 15: A Small Tangent about the Nipples

Update: 2021-03-24


Spoilers for all Doctor Who up to and including Revolution of the Daleks.

Joined by our old friend Ally Mills, we hear his thoughts on the Chibnall Era and unexpected places to find Cybermen. With perfect comic timing, it's the Randomiser Podcast, Episode 15.
Regular Features

Your Cheatin' Memory -

Each episode we use to choose a random Doctor Who story and see what we can recall about it. Then we go away and rewatch it to discuss next time.

This episode, we've just rewatched:
no kro go ho to mo blo ro flo sho kro no sho so kro lo vo flo ro
(That's in Judoon, courtesy of, where you can translate it back to English if you want to know the episode we discussed.)

Romp or Pomp? - A fast and curious attempt to quickly categorise randomly chosen stories into to two utterly arbitrary kinds... fun filled Romp versus circumstance-heavy Pomp.

Tangent of the Week - We're rewatching Red Dwarf, smegheads. Along with The Tomorrow People - another hilarious old sci-fi series, although they perhaps didn't intend it to be.

Challenge! - Chaz has been challenged to finally watch The Mutants. Nothing can stop him now, surely? Not even a mouse.

Which corridor is this? - We wander the catacombs of The Ribos Operation.

Connorspondence - Chaz's son Connor sends us a hot take to furiously agree with...

Doctor by Doctor - we (sort of) randomly select a Doctor and discuss their era.

We welcome your thoughts and feedback!

Episode Guide
00:00 - Intro & we discuss the Chibnall Era
10:41 - Your Cheatin' Memory - revisit
21:15 - Your Cheatin' Memory - reveal
27:00 - Romp or Pomp?
32:58 - Which Corridor is this?
40:09 - Challenge
42:25 - Connorspondence
49:44 - Doctor by Doctor
1:02:51 - Tangent of the Week: Red Dwarf  Season 7
1:10:17 - The Tomorrow Tangent
1:17:21 - Outro

TARDIS art 50% by Lyra


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Episode 15: A Small Tangent about the Nipples

Episode 15: A Small Tangent about the Nipples

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