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Episode 15: Grief and Waterboarding

Episode 15: Grief and Waterboarding

Update: 2023-05-08


There's a little cutout at the beginning of the audio for some reason! Not sure why!

Topics Discussed:
Grieving trans friends lost to suicide
Novaya's trans lawyer friend and former lover who is helping them through their grieving process
Teenage Novaya had the same forwardness as adult Novaya does now
Remembering Novaya's friend, Lee
The importance of trans people having spaces to be themselves
Novaya's beloved sissy maid
"A kill room, but for pies."
Transphobia kink
Wanting to be Carta's pantyboy
Carta's scene in Chicago with Testimony
Carta, getting fucked with her own blood
Carta, on getting waterboarded and how fraught it feels
"One stupid thing at a time"
Novaya's waterboarding instructor
Carta's deep discomfort with military shit
Kink is based in really hard to deal with, often evil stuff
Revisiting and rewriting traumatic memories using kink
Carta's doctor got mad at her for not using fake blood
Branding tips
Novaya book update
Carta is mad at people who are charging for pirated versions of her porn
Novaya's name change
Carta reveals Novaya's off-camera name
Hiiiiii Maggieeeeeeeeee
What's gonna happen????
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May 12 - Novaya @ International Center of Photography in the evening
May 13 - Novaya @ International Center of Photography 3-4 PM with appearance by Sissy Maid
May 13 - Novaya (and Sissy) @ Lucky on Ave. B, Happy Hour 4-6 PM

Ffausten, fisting lube

Our crushes:
Studio dé Manné
Miss Couple
Kyle Quinn
Testimony (twitter // instagram)
Nightmare Vex

Podcast Music
KING by ESPer 99


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Special thanks:
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Episode 15: Grief and Waterboarding

Episode 15: Grief and Waterboarding

Novaya and Carta Monir