DiscoverThe Muck PodcastEpisode 152: Bush Heavy | Pedro Espada, Jr. and the Terri Schiavo Case
Episode 152: Bush Heavy | Pedro Espada, Jr. and the Terri Schiavo Case

Episode 152: Bush Heavy | Pedro Espada, Jr. and the Terri Schiavo Case

Update: 2022-12-07


Tina and Hillary cover former New York senator, Pedro Espada, Jr. and the Terri Schiavo Case.

Tina’s Story

Pedro Espada served in the NY Senate beginning in 1993. But when his high rolling lifestyle doesn’t match up to a civil servant’s pay, an investigation is launched.

Hillary’s Story

Terri Schiavo’s suffered a massive heart attack at just 27 years old. BUT the politics of the case led to a nationwide debate that ends up before SCOTUS.


Tina's Story

Bronx Times

After over 30 years, Soundview Health Center is gone--by David Cruz

Buffalo News

For Espada, new problems surface as federal investigation begins--by Tom Precious

New York Daily News

Crooked ex-state Sen. Pedro Espada Jr. sentenced to 5 years in prison for embezzlement--By John Marzulli

New York State Attorney General

Attorney General Cuomo Charges Pedro Espada Jr. And 19 Executives With Looting His Bronx Not-for-profit

The New York Times

Espada and Son Plead Not Guilty to Embezzling From Health Network--by Nicolas Confessore and Colin Moynihan

Espada Sentenced to 5 Years for Stealing From Nonprofit--by Mosi Secret

Seven House Primaries Among Most Visible Races in New York Region

Times Union

Espada is back in NY after stepping over line in Penn.--by Rick Karlin

United States Attorney's Office Eastern District of New York

Former New York State Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada, Jr. Sentenced To Five Years’ Imprisonment

The Wall Street Journal

Landlords Stand by Espada--by Eliot Brown


Pedro Espada Jr.


Pedro Espada, Jr.--by Matt Ryan CC BY-SA 3.0

Espada on Senate Floor--screenshot of NYSenate via YouTube

Soundview Healthcare Network--via CBS News

Hillary's Story

ABC News

Terri Schiavo Timeline


Terri Schiavo has died

Mayo Clinic Proceedings

The Terri Schiavo Saga: The Making of a Tragedy and Lessons Learned

NBC News

Ten Years After Terri Schiavo, Death Debates Still Divide Us: Bioethicist--by Arthur Caplan

The New York Times

From Private Ordeal to National Fight: The Case of Terri Schiavo--by Clyde Haberman


Jeb ‘Put Me Through Hell’--by Michael Kruse

Tampa Bay Times

How Terri Schiavo’s final days divided her family, Florida and the world--by Tom Zucco, Jamie Thompson, William R. Levesque, Kelley Benham, Leonora LaPeter Anton, Thomas French

Time Magazine

How Terri Schiavo Shaped the Right-to-Die Movement


Terri Schiavo Case


Terri Schivao--from the Schindler family via The New Yorker

Terri Schiavo, in a PVS, with her mother--by Matt May via Time Magazine

Terri Schiavo Brain Scan: On the Left is CT scan of normal brain; Right: Schiavo's 2002 CT scan showing loss of brain tissue--via Fair Use

Right to Life Supporter--by AP via Tampa Bay Times

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Episode 152: Bush Heavy | Pedro Espada, Jr. and the Terri Schiavo Case

Episode 152: Bush Heavy | Pedro Espada, Jr. and the Terri Schiavo Case

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