DiscoverLoreEpisode 162: By Design
Episode 162: By Design

Episode 162: By Design

Update: 2021-01-1834


In a world obsessed with fairytale endings, the most iconic type of setting for those stories turns out to also be home to some of the darkest histories around.


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Comments (2)

Michael lynn

I am not sure who to write about this, but it would be wonderful if you could tell the story of Colorado's Baby Doe Tabor and the Matchless mine.

Jan 23rd

Greg Jacobs

Say Hi Thank you so much for your podcasts. As a man disabled with mostly pain, during covid you enlighten and lighten my life. Podcasts are the great equalizer in a world that still looks down with suspicion at the poor while the powerful remain unquestioned. I often wonder what lore will survive from our time on earth. And whom will tell the tales. Again thanks and Hi.

Jan 19th
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Episode 162: By Design

Episode 162: By Design

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