DiscoverThe Muck PodcastEpisode 164: Tired of God | Donna Scott Davenport and Anita Bryant
Episode 164: Tired of God | Donna Scott Davenport and Anita Bryant

Episode 164: Tired of God | Donna Scott Davenport and Anita Bryant

Update: 2023-03-01


Tina and Hillary cover Judge Donna Scott Davenport and anti-LGBTQ activist Anita Bryant.

Tina’s Story

Judge Donna Scott Davenport oversaw juvenile justice cases in Tennessee. BUT after implementing a “filter system," she illegally sent children to jail.

Hillary’s Story

Throughout the 1960s-80s, Anita Bryant had a modest singing career that bought her some notoriety. But it was her anti-gay crusade that made her infamous.


Tina's Story

US Dept. of Justice: Investigate Tennessee Judge Donna S. Davenport for Jailing Kids!

Daily Mail

Tennessee judge who 'used unconstitutional detention' and arrest policies to jail children as young as seven for truancy announces she's retiring - one day after legislators moved to remove her--by Tommy Taylor and Christopher Eberhart

Daily News Journal

D.L. Hughley confronts Rutherford County for arresting kids: 'There have to be accomplices'--by Kailee Shores


Black Children Were Jailed for a Crime That Doesn’t Exist. Almost Nothing Happened to the Adults in Charge.--by Ken Armstrong and Meribah Knight

Tennessee Judge Who Illegally Jailed Children Plans to Retire, Will Not Seek Reelection--by Ken Armstrong

Rutherford County Source

Judge Donna Scott Davenport to Retire in September of 2022

Rutherford County TN

Judge Donna Scott Davenport

WPLN News 90.3

Rutherford County will pay out $6M for illegally arresting and detaining hundreds of children--by Alexis Marshall and Emily Siner

Murfressboro Daily News Journal

MTSU president: University cuts ties with Judge Donna Scott Davenport as adjunct instructor--by Nancy DeGennaro


Judge Donna Scott Davenport--from Rutherford County Website

Distorted Video of Fight--ProPublica screenshot from YouTube--via ProPublica

Judge Travis Lampley--via Lampley Campaign Page on YouTube

Hillary's Story


Understanding Anita Bryant, the Woman Who Declared War on Gays--by Robert Whirry

Gay South Florida (Miami Herald)

Bob Green: Anita's ex paid dearly in the fight--by Steve Rothaus


Anita Bryant Hit in the Face With Pie


LGBTQ History Month: The early days of America's AIDS crisis--by Catherine McGann

NBC News

How 1970s Christian crusader Anita Bryant helped spawn Florida's LGBTQ culture war--by Jullian Eugenios

National Geographic

Zapping: The boisterous protest tactic that ignited early LGBTQ activism--by Erin Blakemore


Today In Gay History: Gay Activist Pies Anita Bryant In the Face


Anti-Gay Organizing on the Right


Anita Bryant--photo from AP via NBC News

Pie in Bryant's Face--by Bettmann screenshot via National Geographic

Anti-Anita Bryant Protest--via Houson Public Media

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Episode 164: Tired of God | Donna Scott Davenport and Anita Bryant

Episode 164: Tired of God | Donna Scott Davenport and Anita Bryant

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