DiscoverDelete Your Account PodcastEpisode 171 - The District Samuels
Episode 171 - The District Samuels

Episode 171 - The District Samuels

Update: 2020-05-08


Roqayah is off this week, so Kumars is joined from the top of the hour by two friends of the show, Sam Sacks and Sam Knight, journalists and founders of the District Sentinel News Co-op. Together they host the daily District Sentinel Radio podcast as well as Means Morning News, their new weekly collaboration with Means TV.

The Sams talk about the challenges of getting a TV news show off the ground amid the pandemic and how they see the DC Sentinel’s role in the budding left mediascape. The gang then discusses the mercenary raid on Venezuela, Bill Gates’s sinister designs for New York, how both parties workers are being sacrificed to the stock market, and why media narratives about left- and right-wing populism are anything but anti-establishment. 

You can follow Sam Sacks on Twitter @SamSacks and the official District Sentinel account @TheDCSentinel. To watch their tomfoolery every week, subscribe to Means TV, but Means Morning News is now also available to nonmembers, in audio-only form, wherever pods are cast. 

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Episode 171 - The District Samuels

Episode 171 - The District Samuels