DiscoverThe Sound Podcast with Ira HabermanEpisode 179: Tom Hamilton Jr.
Episode 179: Tom Hamilton Jr.

Episode 179: Tom Hamilton Jr.

Update: 2019-02-18


You no doubt have heard the buzz not just in the larger community for Ghost Light, but from us here at The Sound Podcast. The quintet, made up of Tom Hamilton Jr., Raina Mullen, Holly Bowling, Steve Lyons and Scotty Zwang is exciting to all our ears, because it offers up something completely different than anything currently in our consciousness. So when we hear something fresh and exciting, well, yeah, we’re psyched. Up until now, Ghost Light’s music, in one form another has only been available through live performance. So this is a band, who’s fandom is totally built on word of mouth, and the reputation of its members. Frankly, they probably didn’t need to put out a record in a world of singles, and streaming services, but we are so glad that they have. I caught up with Tom Hamilton Jr. in Madison, WI, on tour with that other monster band he’s in Joe Russo’s Almost Dead, to talk about Best Kept Secrets, Ghost Light and a bunch more. You’ll definitely want to pre-order Best Kept Secrets at and check them out on the road over the next couple of months, those dates are also available on the website.

Show Notes:

First Song: 00:44 - Best Kept Secret

Interview Begins: 5:50

Extro Song: 47:04 - Keep Your Hands To Yourself > Head Over Heels > Keep Your Hands To Yourself

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Episode 179: Tom Hamilton Jr.

Episode 179: Tom Hamilton Jr.

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