DiscoverMorbid: A True Crime PodcastEpisode 187: The Farmville Murders
Episode 187: The Farmville Murders

Episode 187: The Farmville Murders

Update: 2020-11-14


We’re stepping into an unknown world for us this week: the world of horrorcore. In 2009 twenty year old Richard Sam Mccroskey travelled across the country to go to a horrorcore music festival with two girls he had become friends with via Myspace, sixteen year old Emma Niederbrock and eighteen year old Melanie Wells. Richard, Emma and Emma’s best friend Melanie would all be staying at Emma's house after the concert. Richard, aka Syko Sam, had it in his mind that Emma was his girlfriend, but after meeting her he realized his feelings were not reciprocated. Instead of moving on, he made the decision to brutally murder everyone staying in the home, including Emma. 

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Episode 187: The Farmville Murders

Episode 187: The Farmville Murders

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