DiscoverWomen's World Football ShowEpisode 188: Damon Wilson, Carrie Taylor
Episode 188: Damon Wilson, Carrie Taylor

Episode 188: Damon Wilson, Carrie Taylor

Update: 2021-03-28


Women's World Football Show, Episode 188 features interviews with players champions: Damon Wilson, Founder & CEO of Wilson Management Alliance; and Carrie Taylor, Managing Director of the new North American professional women’s soccer league.

For many of us, women footballers are our champions. But when it comes to player support and opportunities, who are the players' champions? On this episode we feature two of the best who have made the advance of women's soccer their life's work.

Damon Wilson
A former professional soccer player, Damon Wilson has spent the majority of his career outside of football, dedicated to the women's game. As founder and CEO of Wilson Management Alliance, Damon represents women footballers all over the world. He stops by to share his experiences with us, as well as some valuable advice to young player and budding sports agents.

What kind of work goes into representing a women football player, especially when there are leagues and teams popping up all over the world. To do it right, there's a little legal work, some psychology, and a whole lot of passion involved. If you ever wanted to know what goes into being a women's soccer sports agent, this is the interview you want to catch! (10')

Carrie Taylor
If you've been around soccer for awhile, you recognize the name Carrie Taylor! Famously known for being the first female coach of any kind in the top tiers of modern U.S. men's pro soccer, Carrie was hired by Landon Donavan to an assistant coach to the USL's San Diego Loyal SC. She also served as a technical consultant for the Jamaican Women’s National Team where she helped prepare a three-year strategic plan and budget that was presented to the Jamaican Football Federation.

Today, Carrie is heading up the task of bringing a new women's professional league to North America and she's here to share all the details with us! In January, 2021 the United Women’s Soccer (UWS) and the National Independent Soccer Association (NISA) announced an alliance to create the new pro league. One of their first order of business, was to hire Carrie Taylor as the managing director of the league. Carrie talks to us about this role, the vision for the league, and next steps. Carrie Taylor is a ground breaker and you'll see why! (46')

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Episode 188: Damon Wilson, Carrie Taylor

Episode 188: Damon Wilson, Carrie Taylor

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