DiscoverZero KnowledgeEpisode 190: The Why & How of Privacy for DAOs
Episode 190: The Why & How of Privacy for DAOs

Episode 190: The Why & How of Privacy for DAOs

Update: 2021-07-21


This week, Anna chats with John Light and Samuel JJ Gosling, two passionate privacy advocates and DAO thinkers. This topic was brought up in a recent zkSessions focused on Privacy in NFTs and DAOs spurring a deeper dive into the subject.

John brings his past experience at Aragon, and now Sovryn, to discuss what is a DAO and what are its needs in privacy and collusion protection. Samuel brings the on the ground view from his involvement in Tornado governance and current work with MACI.

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Episode 190: The Why & How of Privacy for DAOs

Episode 190: The Why & How of Privacy for DAOs

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