Episode 196: Amy Sayer

Episode 196: Amy Sayer

Update: 2021-09-28


Women's World Football Show, Episode 196 - Featuring Amy Sayer, Australia Women’s National Team and Stanford University Midfielder.

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, Amy Sayer came up through the national team youth system, playing for the U17 and U20 Australia Women's National Team. Starting academy play at only 11-years old, Amy was picked up by Canberra United of the W-League at just 14-years old. She then joined her hometown team Sydney FC before making her senior Matilda debut at Tournament of Nations in 2018 against Japan.

After graduating high school, Amy brought her game to America where she's playing and studying at Stanford University. Now she's embracing American culture (yes she has a hunting license!) and improving her game to be the best she can be on the pitch and off. She talks about her role model Lisa DeVanna, Women's World Cup 2023, and more! Amy is part of the future of the Matildas and you do not want to miss this interview! (8')

Follow Amy on IG @amysayer_

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Photo Courtesy of: Sydney FC

Original Broadcast Date: Sept 27, 2021

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Additional assistance for this episode by Amy Sayer and Tyler Geivett, Associate Director of Communications at Stanford Athletics

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Episode 196: Amy Sayer

Episode 196: Amy Sayer

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