DiscoverAs UnFake As It GetsEpisode 2: Rainbows & Marshmallows
Episode 2: Rainbows & Marshmallows

Episode 2: Rainbows & Marshmallows

Update: 2021-02-18


In this second episode of "As UnFake As It Gets" the Native American Indian host Nick is of course joined by his African American host Muff. | The As UnFake guys discuss trending topics of the week such as Joe Biden stopping the $50k student debt relief, Nicki Minaj's father's killer turned himself in, Tom Brady wins his 7th Superbowl, Ayesha Curry's nude photo, Charlamagne helping more and more black people, The Rock's new NBC show, Keenan's new NBC show, The Weeknd getting a behind the scenes Superbowl documentary and much more celebrity news and current events. The guys also discuss shooting the breeze topics like what is Normal?, how do you properly address a persons boyfriend or girlfriend if you don't know their sex, Technology of how it lacked 200 plus years ago to what it is now and how it will be 200 years from now, hardcore hoes and how the ones known as hoes are always clean and the goody two shoes girls are always dirty plus much much more shooting the breeze topics | Follow "As UnFake As It Gets" on Twitter/Instagram: @AsUnFakePodcast or shoot us an email | You can support this podcast by sending any amount you see fit via Cash App to $Nick8807 to get an amazing shout out and more. | We'd like to take this time to thank everyone who listened to our first episode and those listening to this one, the second. | Don't forget to hit the subscribe/follow button on your podcast listening formats and don't forget to spread the word to let people know that at this podcast it is and always will be "As UnFake As It Gets"!


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Episode 2: Rainbows & Marshmallows

Episode 2: Rainbows & Marshmallows

Nicholas Weaver