Episode 2: Spyfall to Spacefall

Episode 2: Spyfall to Spacefall

Update: 2020-01-09


Spoilers for Spyfall part 2 and indeed any previous Doctor Who episodes!

Random spoilers this week include:
Neal Stephenson's "Fall, or Dodge in Hell" (but nothing the back cover doesn't already spoil...)
- The Last Jedi
- Star Trek VI (probably been long enough, but you never know...)
- The Randomiser Podcast Episode 1


It's our difficult second album!

In this episode Tim & Chaz discuss Spyfall part 2 and The Face of Evil part 1.
Tangent of the week takes us to The Liberator via The London as we have the first of probably many sidesteps into the universe of Blake's 7

Regular (if twice is regular) Features

Your Cheatin' Memory -

Each episode we use therandomiser.net to choose a random Doctor Who story and see what we can recall about it. Then we go away and rewatch it to discuss next time.

This episode, we've just rewatched:
kro to sho to blo kno flo so sho yo plo tro sho blo wo blo yo
(That's in Judoon, courtesy of judoon.com, where you can translate it back to English if you want to know the episode we discussed.)

Which Corridor is this? - Tim is rewatching the series in order, inspired by Rob Shearman and Tobe Hadoke's books "Running Through Corridors"
We discuss the most recent story he's watched.

Ask Dr Schultz - In-depth analysis and thought provoking scientific context from our scientific advisor.

Tangent of the Week - We finish up with a discussion of something almost but not quite entirely unrelated to the rest of the episode.
This week: The wonderful Blake's 7 episode Spacefall

And introducing a new feature, which hopes to be regular when it grows up:
Doctor by Doctor - we randomly select a Doctor and discuss their era.

We welcome your thoughts and feedback!

Episode Guide
00:00 - Intro
00:27 - Chat - Spyfall part 2
19:41 - Your Cheatin' Memory - revisit of previous episode's story
28:54 - Your Cheatin' Memory - reveal of this episode's story
35:54 - Ask Dr Schultz
36:38 - Which Corridor is this?
48:57 - Tangent of the Week
55:35 - Doctor by Doctor
1:10:27 - Outro

TARDIS art 20% by Lyra


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Episode 2: Spyfall to Spacefall

Episode 2: Spyfall to Spacefall

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