Episode 2: The Mole

Episode 2: The Mole

Update: 2020-09-098


In 1981, the radical cleric Omar Abdel-Rahman -- known as The Blind Sheikh -- inspires the assassination of Egyptian president Anwar el-Sadat at a military ceremony. One of the soldiers present is Emad Salem. He swears revenge against the Sheikh.

Cut to: 1990. Salem is retired from the Egyptian army and scratching out a living as an immigrant in New York. NYPD Detective Louis Napoli and FBI Special Agent John Anticev approach him with a potentially life-altering request. Would he be willing to infiltrate a terrorist cell in Brooklyn led by the Blind Sheikh himself? Salem agrees and, relying on his street smarts and military experience, becomes a trusted member of the cell. He’s on the brink of uncovering a major plot when FBI supervisors make a disastrous decision. 

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scott slikker

wow, the CIA fired there single BEST source of intelligence gathering at the worst possible time, right when the group he was gathering Intel on was planning a massive attack. all because he didn't want to wear a wire for one single occasion because he'd have to testify in court, which would undoubtedly cause his family members living in egypt be murdered as revenge. they're lucky they even found this guy by pure chance. I love his his quote on the way out the door "when they find a replacement for me to help carry out the attacks, don't come knocking on my door." sure enough, the terrorists found another guy but this time the guy was an actual bomb maker willing to kill. The following actions of firing the mole inderectly led to the growth of the group, and then to 9/11.

Sep 29th
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Episode 2: The Mole

Episode 2: The Mole

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