DiscoverThe Mobile Home Park Expert PodcastEpisode 2 - Tenants To Avoid and Yearn For
Episode 2 - Tenants To Avoid and Yearn For

Episode 2 - Tenants To Avoid and Yearn For

Update: 2019-08-23


Featuring Jason Sirotin and Glenn Esterson, The Mobile Home Expert Podcast follows Jason on his journey as a potential investor into the mobile home park (MHP) industry. Guided by the experience and expertise of Glenn Esterson, the two discuss what it means to invest and manage mobile home parks, drilling down into each element that impacts profitability and success.

Episode 2 dives into chapter 2 of Mobile Home Park Manifesto, which focuses on tenants. Learn more about what makes a good tenant, who you should avoid renting to and how to build a profitable community of people who want to stay put in their units.
Timestamps: 1:24 -- Breakdown of who MHP tenants really are. 3:14 -- An overview of how to vet potential tenants. 4:32 -- Guidelines to use for vetting/what you should check out. 7:03 -- Tenant no-no: addicts and dealers. 7:50 -- What issues can arise with renting to a tenant who’s paid under the table. 10:16 -- When a tenant sounds good but it ends badly. 12:55 -- Checking credit scores as part of the vetting process. 14:23 -- Removing a bad tenant. 18:45 -- Tenant majority are people who are good with simple needs. 21:10 -- How to keep good tenants in your park. 22:41 -- The benefits of encouraging tenants to buy their homes and become lot renters. 25:46 -- The importance of a property manager and establishing a rapport tenants. 28:24 -- Vetting a property manager.

Come on back for episode 3 where Jason and Glenn break down MHP ownership as a business, discussing the variations within the industry and how it continues to grow and change. Possibilities for ownership aren’t as singular as you may expect.
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Episode 2 - Tenants To Avoid and Yearn For

Episode 2 - Tenants To Avoid and Yearn For

Glenn Esterson