DiscoverShandee's StoryEpisode 20 - Shoot The Messengers
Episode 20 - Shoot The Messengers

Episode 20 - Shoot The Messengers

Update: 2022-06-164


DNA scientist Dr Kirsty Wright is shown how public servants and DNA laboratory managers behind closed doors have been minimising the serious concerns raised in the podcast series. A raft of internal documents responding to Kirsty's revelations become available and these show the immediate refusal of the managers of the laboratory to start a proper audit or acknowledge anything has gone awry. Many documents are heavily redacted but are likely to be flushed out as the new Commission of Inquiry gathers momentum. Kirsty's other efforts to ensure scrutiny of the lab are revealed along with interviews of key witnesses who hadn't spoken to the podcast before. The episode is expected to be the last in Season 1 of Shandee's Story. A new season, Shandee's Legacy, is likely to start during the public inquiry run by retired Supreme Court Justice Walter Sofronoff QC.

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Doesn’t surprise me the government wants to cover this up! It’s always about self preservation and what’s in their best interest. Not what’s right and morale! I won’t be surprised if nothing comes of this. Which will be an embarrassment for Australia! The whole world is watching I’m sure! I would also go as far as saying, I hope the royal commission looks at all Australian DNA testing to ensure there is no cost cutting, dodgy half testing processes in place as well!

Sep 9th

Susan James

Codes of Conduct should surely include honesty and integrity of individuals within an organisation

Jun 16th

Susan James

Dr Kirsty, please take good care of your self. It’s awful there has been this backlash, and you do not deserve to be discredited for speaking out. You have been so courageous so far.

Jun 16th
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Episode 20 - Shoot The Messengers

Episode 20 - Shoot The Messengers

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