DiscoverWomen's World Football ShowEpisode 200: Shay Haddow, Ashley Hatch, Stephanie Labbé
Episode 200: Shay Haddow, Ashley Hatch, Stephanie Labbé

Episode 200: Shay Haddow, Ashley Hatch, Stephanie Labbé

Update: 2022-01-23


We’ve all experienced times of uncertainty, stress, anxiety, depression – especially in these days we’re living in.

From elite professionals to the youth levels, the mind can sometimes be the biggest opponent. On this episode we’re taking an in-depth look at this subject with our featured guest, sports life coach and host of Alpha Girl Confidence podcast Shay Haddow.

Plus we hear from NWSL Golden Boot Winner & USWNT striker Ashley Hatch and Olympic Gold Medal Winner & Canada goalkeeper Stephanie Labbé.

Shay Haddow is a sports life coach, podcast host of Alpha Girl Confidence, and author of She the Confident.

Shay works with young female athletes to empower them to live and play confidently and she’s here to share all her knowledge with us. (13’)

How has the 2021 NWSL Golden Boot winner Ashley Hatch overcome adversity to play confidently and have fun even under adversity? She lets us in on her secret! (9’)

In her first press conference since announcing her retirement, Canada Women’s National Team goalkeeper and Olympic Gold Medal winner Stephanie Labbé takes questions from the media. Listen in as Steph talks about her retirement decision, the importance of her teammates, the dissing of CanWNT by FIFA, and more. As usual, this role model does not disappoint in her statements. (40’)

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Original Broadcast Date: January 23, 2022

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Episode 200: Shay Haddow, Ashley Hatch, Stephanie Labbé

Episode 200: Shay Haddow, Ashley Hatch, Stephanie Labbé

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