DiscoverWomen's World Football ShowEpisode 204: Danielle Étienne
Episode 204: Danielle Étienne

Episode 204: Danielle Étienne

Update: 2022-06-12


Everyone loves an underdog! Whether they win or lose, they always inspire us to do our best even when the odds are stacked against us. But what happens when you’re always the underdog? How do you continue to to get back up and go again? On this episode we talk to Haiti WNT midfielder Danielle Étienne about that underdog mentality and what inspires her to continue to work hard, improve her game, and reach that next level!

Plus we'll take a look at some upcoming Concacaf and FIFA tournaments!

Danielle Étienne
Born into a family of footballers, Dani has taken her legacy and infused her own style and joy into her game. As a senior at the prestigious Fordham University in NYC, the young footballer is ready to take the next step into the pros and inspire a generation along the way.

Dani grew up in the Haiti youth system, playing in the 2018 U20 Women's Cup, and solidifying her standing in the senior squad, helping the team qualify for the upcoming 2022 Concacaf W Championships. You'll love hearing from the young, talented footballer as she begins her pro career and takes on USA this summer in the Concacaf tournament. Be ready to get inspired by Dani and this young Haiti team! (10’)

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Original Broadcast Date: June 12, 2022

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Episode 204: Danielle Étienne

Episode 204: Danielle Étienne

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