DiscoverZero KnowledgeEpisode 205: Curating JPEGs with JPG
Episode 205: Curating JPEGs with JPG

Episode 205: Curating JPEGs with JPG

Update: 2021-11-101


This week, Anna and Tarun chat with MP, Trent and Sam from JPG about this on-chain NFT curation protocol. They walk through what the JPG team wanted out of this decentralized curation protocol and how to bring in voices that aren't always heard in the traditional art world. They also explore the idea of rethinking the mechanism of curation, indexing and permissionless access in order to bring a crypto native approach to NFT art culture. Lastly, they look at JPG's focus on on-chain records can preserve longterm value of NFTs with an eye on how to bridge the various ecosystems in the future and brainstorm around the idea of ZK NFTs.

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Thank you to this week’s sponsor, Anoma. Anoma is a multivariate & multivariable bartering protocol that enables bartering among N-parties of arbitrary assets, including NFTs, all with zero-knowledge privacy. Check out Awa’s twitter thread to learn more about this project: .

Be sure to stay tuned for Anoma’s first public testnet, in which you’ll be able to play with Anoma’s Proof-of-Stake, intent gossip/matchmaking layer, and custom validity predicates.

Check Anoma’s codebase on GitHub and the team building Anoma is hiring. Find their jobs HERE

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Episode 205: Curating JPEGs with JPG

Episode 205: Curating JPEGs with JPG

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