Episode 21: 2020 Paid Search Trends - part two

Episode 21: 2020 Paid Search Trends - part two

Update: 2020-03-18


Are your paid search strategies & other marketing channels working together? On this episode of Let’s Get Digital, we finish up our 2020 paid search report discussion with Senior Paid Search Analyst, Nicole Hanrahan. We’ll dive into the future for paid search strategies as multi-channel marketing becomes an expectation from consumers, and the possible impact these channels will have on each other as they start to work together now more than ever before. Look for expert strategies on ever-important mobile, capitalizing on YouTube, avoiding messy attribution, new uses for Gallery Ads, and enhancing the user experience. And don’t worry Amazon users, there’s something in this report for you too. This week’s conversation also delves into tactics to scale Dynamic Search Ad (DSA) campaigns that may surprise you. Lastly, we cover Google's new optiscore rollout. Let’s Get Digital tackles developments and hot topics in digital marketing, interviews subject matter experts, and offers best practice strategies and tactics for success. We’re always interested in what you want to hear from us. To submit a question or comment, write to us at letsgetdigital@roirevolution.com. Tune in next episode to remain in-the-know with all things digital marketing!

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Episode 21: 2020 Paid Search Trends - part two

Episode 21: 2020 Paid Search Trends - part two

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