DiscoverLife After MLMEpisode 21 : Liz Arias - Part 1
Episode 21 : Liz Arias - Part 1

Episode 21 : Liz Arias - Part 1

Update: 2021-04-19


When MLM found Liz, she was looking to up her game on the roller derby circuit. One of her derby friends reached out with a solution that answered of her problems, or so it seemed. Liz decided to go "all in" after a roller derby injury resulted in her losing her job as a cocktail waitress at a local casino.  In this episode, we get deep into what it's like to sell Herbalife, what's the deal with those "Nutrition Shops", Betting on Zero and what happened to the latino population in Los Angeles during that time, and a professional's opinion on Monat.

Show Notes

Herbalife Income Disclosure 2011 -

Betting on Zero - 

Toxic Positivity - 

Cayman Islands - 

5 Facts From ‘Betting on Zero,’ the Infuriating Doc About Herbalife Preying on Latinos - 

Why Did Kamala Harris Let Herbalife Off The Hook? - 

Ponzinomics by Robert L. FitzPatrick - 

Monat Lawsuits - 

Alterna Haircare - 

Victims Of Hair Transformations Detox - 

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Episode 21 : Liz Arias - Part 1

Episode 21 : Liz Arias - Part 1

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