DiscoverThings Musicians Don't Talk AboutEpisode 21- George Dexter Evans
Episode 21- George Dexter Evans

Episode 21- George Dexter Evans

Update: 2021-06-04


Welcome back! Today I am speaking with composer and guitarist George Dexter Evans about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and autism and how they impact his life as a musician and composer. We speak about the common misconceptions surrounding CFS, about taking time away to recover before starting university, being a 'mature' student and the stigma surrounding it. We also speak about George's later diagnosis of autism, how special interests and 'masking' have played into George's life, and how it can impact day to day functioning.

About George:
George Evans is a composer and electronic musician based in London. He studied electric guitar before pursuing a degree in composition at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, studying with Malcolm Singer and Hollie Harding. He will be continuing at Guildhall in 2021, focusing on a Master’s degree in Electronic and Produced Music.

His current compositional interests include the ambiguity between stasis and movement, the spatialisation of sound, and what it means for music to be immersive. His work combines influence from Feldman, Saariaho and Takemitsu as well as ambient and drone music. 

Recent pieces include ‘Expanses’ for clarinet and electronics (fixed media), recorded by the celebrated clarinettist Heather Roche, and ‘Golden Jubilee Bridges at Night’ recorded by the Guildhall Session Orchestra as part of the Illuminated River project 2021. 

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Episode 21- George Dexter Evans

Episode 21- George Dexter Evans

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