DiscoverThrive Forever Fit with Jay NixonEpisode 224: Self-Care with Jaime McFaden
Episode 224: Self-Care with Jaime McFaden

Episode 224: Self-Care with Jaime McFaden

Update: 2022-10-17


Self-Care with Jaime McFaden 

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Jaime is a self care specialist, lifestyle mentor, and mama bear. 

She has been working in the health and wellness industry for the past decade and loves it more each day. 

Jaime has been fortunate enough to work alongside icons such as Elaine Lalanne, Jillian Michaels, Richard Branson and multiple celebrity clients. 

She recently launched her very own podcast, “What's the Word?”, where she interviews the most INSPIRATIONAL people she know and share that inspiration with YOU!

In today’s show Jaime shares her philosophy that self-care takes a village. Her new best selling book is titled: WAVES of Self-Care ~ It Takes A Village


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Episode 224: Self-Care with Jaime McFaden

Episode 224: Self-Care with Jaime McFaden

Jay Nixon