DiscoverThe Because Fiction PodcastEpisode 248: Letters from My Sister by Valerie Luesse
Episode 248: Letters from My Sister by Valerie Luesse

Episode 248: Letters from My Sister by Valerie Luesse

Update: 2023-08-01


With a title like Letters from My Sister, I knew Valerie Luesse's upcoming release would be an instabuy the moment I saw the stunning cover. After chatting with her about all the nuances in this book, if I hadn't already been convinced, this conversation would've done it. Suspense, intrigue, breaking racial barriers before it was acceptable to do it, and suspicion of someone beyond reproach? What's not to love?  Listen in to all the background and fascinating insights into how Valerie put this book together.

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Don't You Love a Story Full of Family, Secrets, Suspense, and Intrigue?

I have a blast talking to authors about their books. It's kind of why I do this thing, but one of my favorite kinds of conversations is when you get all kinds of background and backstory information about a book without the story being given away. Valerie Luesse is one of the best authors for giving us all the information we could hope to have without us walking away from the conversation feeling like we don't need to read the book.

On the contrary. I'm more excited to read Letters from My Sister after relistening to this episode than I ever was before! 

Valerie's love for the South, for culture, for family, and for people shine in this conversation about her inspiration for the book, the ways she puts the familiar on the page so you feel as though you're there, and more.

Letters from My Sister by Valerie Luesse

Two Sisters. One Single Event. A Family Changed Forever.

At the turn of the twentieth century, sisters Emmy and Callie Bullock are living a privileged life as the only daughters of a wealthy Alabama cotton farmer when their well-ordered household gets turned upside down by the arrival of Lily McGee. Arrestingly beautiful, Lily quickly--and innocently--draws the wrong kind of attention. Meanwhile, Callie meets a man who offers her the freedom to abandon social constraints and discover her truest self.

After Lily has a baby, Callie witnesses something she was never meant to see--or did she? Her memory is a haze, just an image in her mind of Emmy standing on a darkened riverbank and cradling Lily's missing baby girl. Only when the sisters are separated does the truth slowly come to light through their letters--including a revelation that will shape the rest of Callie's life.

Bestselling author Valerie Fraser Luesse weaves a complex and suspenseful tale dripping with intrigue, romance, and Southern charm.

You can get Letters from My Sister from at 40% off with free shipping!

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Episode 248: Letters from My Sister by Valerie Luesse

Episode 248: Letters from My Sister by Valerie Luesse

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