Episode 25 - Crafting the Life You Desire

Episode 25 - Crafting the Life You Desire

Update: 2021-08-23


In this week’s episode, I talk with Lauren Widrick about not just her career journey but also how she helps others now design the life they want to lead.  Lauren was interested in the psychology of marketing and business but like all of us, she found herself in a career that wasn’t filling her soul, “I was a right brain girl working in a left brain world”.  When she found herself in crisis mode, she realized she had to make a change.  And now she helps others realize their full potential, the swagger we all have inside, and how we can craft the life and the career we truly want.

More about Lauren...
Lauren Widrick is a Life + Business coach.  Her mission is to help you Grab Life by the Goals. She helps people at all phases of their entrepreneurial journey, from startup to sales to scaling. She helps people find the swagger to to expand and disrupt in all areas of business. She offers courses, coaching masterminds, retreats and speaking/training engagements.

How to connect with  Lauren...
IG - @laurenwidrick
Website - https://www.laurenwidrick.com

Interested in working with Lauren...
Use code SQUAD to receive a $300 discount on the Slay Your Side Hustle 90-day business accelerator program.

In this episode you’ll specifically learn...

  • How to identify what you actually want to do by pushing yourself outside your comfort zone, without finding yourself saying yes to everything and drowning
  • How to take messy action and try something new, breaking it down bit by bit
  • And finally making the decision to “love it or list it” - where to make a change in  your life and your career to build your legacy

I’m Karen Weeks, the Founder & Principal Coach at KDW Coaching, the host of the Shine at Work podcast, a speaker, published author, Girls in Tech NYC board member and award winning culture leader (currently leading the People team at Ordergroove). My purpose is guiding individuals to get unstuck from a career that is draining them and transform their careers so they can feel the same renewed energy I did all those years ago when I transitioned from theatre to human resources to coaching. I live in NYC with my husband and furry babies! 

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Episode 25 - Crafting the Life You Desire

Episode 25 - Crafting the Life You Desire