DiscoverThe Because Fiction PodcastEpisode 251: A Chat about She'erah's Legacy with Naomi Craig
Episode 251: A Chat about She'erah's Legacy with Naomi Craig

Episode 251: A Chat about She'erah's Legacy with Naomi Craig

Update: 2023-08-11


She'erah's Legacy, by Naomi Craig the newest novel in the Yahweh's Legacy series, releases on Tuesday, and boy does it promise to pack a punch!  Nestled in a long line of "begats" is a tasty little morsel about a woman building three cities.  A woman. In the days of the patriarchs. It kind of makes you reconsider what the patriarchy really looked like back then.  Listen in to see what Naomi Craig did with this fascinating person from Old Testament history. (Hint: she wasn't mentioned in my Old Testament Survey class in high school Just sayin'!)

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Why You Should Never Say Biblical Women Didn't Make a Mark on History

Well, there are lots of reasons, but two still-standing cities built by a barely mentioned woman in the middle of a long, genealogical list is um... remarkable.  I have this crazy desire to say, "She is She'erah. See her build!"  (But maybe that's because "She'erah the Builder" isn't as catchy as "Bob the Builder."  You know?)

Naomi and I dove into why she chose this woman for her next book, the research she had to do, the lessons she learned from it and also the lessons her characters did as well.  And as always, she hopes that folks reading She'erah's Legacy will go to God's Word to ensure her research is sound and that they get what the Lord wants them to get from it all.

She'erah's Legacy by Naomi Craig

As tragedy ravages the camp, can She’erah step up and complete the outpost?

She’erah is a woman trying to leave her mark in a man’s world. Her vision and ability surpass her father’s, yet she remains second-in-command as they are tasked to build Pharaoh’s outposts in Canaan. She knows she is worthy of the task, but her clan is skeptical.

The last place She’erah expects support is from her charioteer, but Lateef is the lone voice of encouragement. His integrity and steadfastness are a plumb line in She’erah’s life and she can no longer deny her growing feelings for him.

Acts of sabotage threaten the construction and the shaky foundation of She’erah’s pride. It’s up to She’erah to break generations of rivalry, distrust, and jealousy—if she can learn to rely on the strengths and abilities of those around her to help.

Will she learn to trust God and others before her life’s legacy comes crumbling down around her?

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Episode 251: A Chat about She'erah's Legacy with Naomi Craig

Episode 251: A Chat about She'erah's Legacy with Naomi Craig

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