DiscoverWhat the HELL Were You Thinking?Episode 258: Some Alternate Universe
Episode 258: Some Alternate Universe

Episode 258: Some Alternate Universe

Update: 2020-04-24


Episode 258: Some Alternate Universe This week Host Dave Bledsoe imagines a reality where he can drink as much as he wants and there is never a last call. Only to realize that means he is just at home drinking alone and it isn’t fun at all. On the show this week we examine the possibility that all of THIS is because the Universe is broken. (Sadly, it isn’t) Along the way we remember a time when Kaitlin Jenner was the strangest thing in the news, then marvel at the astonishing idiocy of people protesting the government not letting them die of a disease. We posit some extremely unlikely explanations for the state of the world today, including Mayan prophecy and a dude who did WAY too many mushrooms. (Surprisingly, not Dave). Then we delve in our real theory on why things are the way they are and science be damned. Because if ignoring reality is good enough for a Trump voter in Ohio it is good enough for us! (We, however, will NOT be going anywhere near the dipshits.) Our Sponsor this week is A Generic Statement on Covid 19, who wants you to know it is here for you in these troubled times. We open the show with The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and close with the ethereal Nataly Dawn. Show Theme: The Show on Twitter: The Show on Facebook: The Show on Soundcloud Give us your money on Patreon The Show Line: 347 687 9601 Closing Music:

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Episode 258: Some Alternate Universe

Episode 258: Some Alternate Universe

Dave Bledsoe