DiscoverWhat the HELL Were You Thinking?Episode 259: We're Not Gonna Take It
Episode 259: We're Not Gonna Take It

Episode 259: We're Not Gonna Take It

Update: 2020-05-01


Show Notes Episode 259: “We’re Not Gonna Take It”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe puts a Twisted Sister pin on his uniform and drunkenly shouts at himself in the bathroom mirror just to feel like someone else is with him. (The man is desperately lonely and drinking too much. You know, just normal Dave stuff) On the show this week we travel back to 1985 to examine the Parents Music Resource Council, an issue so unimportant and trivial to the modern context that it should distract you for a good half hour from all the crazy shit in the world. (You’re welcome)

Along the way we meet the White Wives of Washington who decided it was their job to censor artists. (They were the Karen’s of the 1980s) We introduce to you to each of the Filthy Fifteen the list of songs the PMRC deemed so vile and offensive that children must be protected from them at all cost. (God forbid they learned about getting off from Cyndi Lauper!) We hear from the artists who defended the list, even though some of the Metal songs are just BAD songs. (Not evil, just really poorly written.) Finally, we learn why Tipper Gore felt it was SO important we have warning labels on music. (Hint, it was so parents didn’t need to talk to their kids.)

Our Sponsor this week is Columbia House Records, who want you to know they are back and they are coming for what they are owed. We open the show with Dee Snider getting real with the Senate and close with Sunkissed Music being adorably rebellious!

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#ShowNotes Ep 259 "We're Not Gonna Take It" distracting you from the modern world by telling you the tale of Tipper Gore and the PMRC. It should distract you for a good half hour. You're welcome.

The Filthy Fifteen: Censorship, Gore And The “Parental Advisory” Sticker

The Tipper Sticker at 30: The Most Entertaining (and Least Effective) Attempt at Censorship in Rock History

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Episode 259: We're Not Gonna Take It

Episode 259: We're Not Gonna Take It

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