DiscoverWhat the HELL Were You Thinking?Episode 264 "Citizen Soldier"
Episode 264 "Citizen Soldier"

Episode 264 "Citizen Soldier"

Update: 2020-06-05


Show Notes Episode 264: Citizen Soldier

This week Host Dave Bledsoe descends into his bunker for everyone’s safety, the bunker being his private bathroom far, far from everyone else. (There is not enough Lysol in the WORLD!) On the show this week we talk about Shitty Caesar wading across the Rubicon wearing rubber ducky floaters.

Along the way we go back to the 90’s where we discover Dave was not NEARLY the badass he thought he was. (Or is!) Then we bring back an OLD favorite and climb aboard The Wayback Machine to learn why the Founders decided a military dictatorship was a BAD idea! (Also, we take some cheap shots at Bostonians!) We then head over law school to find out why Shroom Dick can’t just deploy the troops to “dominate” the protesters that frighten him so much. (BUNKER BITCH!) We visit Kent State to remind you all why soldiers are not cops and never should be. Then we wrap up with some truly astonishing statements by Generals past and present. (We honestly couldn’t believe our eyes when we read them!)

Our Sponsor this week is Boogaloo Bob’s, when your real soldiers won’t crush your rebellion why not try Boogaloo Bob’s, because nothing says law and order like fat white guys in flower print shirts! We open the show with a rose colored edition of a Founding Father and close with Massy jamming through a Neil Young tune!

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Episode 264 "Citizen Soldier"

Episode 264 "Citizen Soldier"

Dave Bledsoe