DiscoverWhat the HELL Were You Thinking?Episode 265: THIS Pig Was Cool
Episode 265: THIS Pig Was Cool

Episode 265: THIS Pig Was Cool

Update: 2020-06-12


Episode 265: The Pig Was Cool

This week Host Dave Bledsoe explains how his life coach has always been Jimmy McNulty from The Wire. (Yeah, we can see it.) On the show this week we tackle the idea of a world without police. (Imagine that!)

Along the way we learn how Dave wandered into his early life career as a cop. (The same way he wanders into a dive bar, apathy and laziness.) Later we learn how he wandered right back out of the job. (Ironically, it was the same way he LEAVES a dive bar, by being thrown out!) Along the way we learn about one of the Bad Dave's in the world who “trains” cops to treat citizens like insurgents. Then we examine in detail what people mean when they say “Defund the Police” only to learn it isn’t the scary idea the cops want you to think it is. (Kinda like how Black people are not scary like the cops say they are!) Then we offer some actionable ways to implement real change in the police without scaring all the white folks with “crazy ideas”. (Which will make young progressive call us names because the ideas aren’t crazy enough.)

Our Sponsor this week is Fat Leo’s Law Enforcement Training, when you just want a glassy eyed sociopath on the street, you want Fat Leo’s. We open the show with Rust Cohle philosophy of policing and close with Killdozer’s run in with Dave on duty!

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The sheep, the wolf and the sheep dog

“Are You Prepared to Kill Somebody?” A Day With One of America’s Most Popular Police Trainers

Defund the police? Here’s what that really means.

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Episode 265: THIS Pig Was Cool

Episode 265: THIS Pig Was Cool

Dave Bledsoe