DiscoverWhat the HELL Were You Thinking?Episode 267: Boom Boom On Come the Lights
Episode 267:  Boom Boom On Come the Lights

Episode 267: Boom Boom On Come the Lights

Update: 2020-06-26


Show Notes Episode 267: Boom Boom, On Come the Lights

This week Host Dave Bledsoe revels in the fact that he may be a drunk with no sense of self preservation, but even HE won’t shoot off fireworks from his crotch! (Unless you pay him.) On the show this week we ask the same question all of you are asking: WHO THE FUCK IS SETTING OFF FIREWORKS AT THREE AM!?!?

Along the way we examine such hot button issues as using Irish Spring soap to taunt white people and why white people can’t mind their own fucking business. (Y’all are gonna get the Spring again!) From there we jump to the cultural implications of fireworks and why Americans just love to blow bits off their body off for funsies. We check in on a new conspiracy theory popular in the Blue States for a change and examine all the ways they are wrong about the Summer of Boom. (Come on Libs, you are supposed to be better than this!) Then we wrap up with how YOU, podfriends, could get your OWN illegal fireworks in the big city. (In a purely hypothetical and legally allowed speculative manner.)

Our Sponsor this week is Bubba’s House of BOOM!, where fat, drunk and stupid is our demographic! We open the show this week with fireworks gone wrong and close with Bluesix letting us know they are sick and tired of all these fireworks. 

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Boompilled: Fireworks Conspiracy Theories Are Bursting Across The Internet

The Fireworks Conspiracy Theory is Ridiculous and Totally Unnecessary

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Episode 267:  Boom Boom On Come the Lights

Episode 267: Boom Boom On Come the Lights

Dave Bledsoe