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Episode 268: The Railroad Killer

Episode 268: The Railroad Killer

Update: 2021-10-0419


As promised, we are talking today about the serial killer from Episode 266. In that episode, we focused on the only survivor of his crimes, Holly Dunn. Today, we take a walk through all of his crimes. 

Throughout the 80's and 90's, Angel Maturino Resendiz was one of the most brutal killers the United States had ever seen. Known by the media as the Railroad Killer, he stalked victims nears railroad tracks before brutally butchering them either next to the tracks or in their own homes. His mode of operation involved sexual assault and a gruesome amount of overkill. He moved freely between his home in Mexico and the States before finally being caught through fingerprints and SNA. After a reign of terror that was as prolific as it was terrorizing, he was fortunately coerced into turning himself into authorities in 1999.

Sole Survivor by Holly Dunn 

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Comments (6)

Erica Sanchez

So many memories listening to this. I grew up in a small town called Bloomington Texas. I’m school we played against wiemer and schulenberg. These towns are so close to me.

Oct 21st

Erica Sanchez

Oh wow Weimar tx! I live in Victoria tx. Not too far. I remember when he was on the loose. I grew up next to railroad tracks and we were terrified!

Oct 21st


how do prisons get overcrowded to the point where they go, "Let's release this man who violently beat an 80 year old! I'm sure nothing will go wrong!"

Oct 5th
Reply (2)

Kimica Z

Omg I love this show but PLEASE stop using the word "literally" for emphasis. That is incorrect. I'm pretty sure nobody was *literally* shoving religion down people's throats.

Oct 5th








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Episode 268: The Railroad Killer

Episode 268: The Railroad Killer

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