DiscoverWhat the HELL Were You Thinking?Episode 269: A Snitch Fairy Gets Her Wings
Episode 269: A Snitch Fairy Gets Her Wings

Episode 269: A Snitch Fairy Gets Her Wings

Update: 2020-07-13


Show Notes Episode 269: A Snitch Fairy Gets Her Wings!

This week Host Dave Bledsoe reminisces about that one time he thought about committing a crime but totally didn’t. (As opposed to all the times he thought about a crime and then DID.) On the show this week we examine the strange and not all suspicious life and deeds of Jeffery Epstein’s Lady Goon Ghislaine Maxwell. (Women can be Goons too, people! Stop being sexist!)

Along the way we learn about her early life as a London socialite in the 1980’s and how she traded it for the life of a Manhattan socialite in the 1990’s (Different club names, same cocaine!) Then we learn how she met, fell in love and eventually began procuring grooming and exploiting young girls for the carnal desires of her #1 Dude Jeff! (Let’s not forget all the times she joined in with all the sexual assaulting!) From there we discuss her whereabouts over the past year, her capture and eventual “accidental” death in the Manhattan Correctional Facility later on this month! (Keep your calendars open folks!)

Our Sponsor this week is Hank’s Hideouts, on the run, on a budget, Hanks Hideouts! We are sure we can do better than New Hampshire. We open the show with the happy sounds of a Snitch Fairy getting her wings and close with Ozzymozzy explaining what befell Ghislaine alone in her cell!

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Episode 269: A Snitch Fairy Gets Her Wings

Episode 269: A Snitch Fairy Gets Her Wings

Dave Bledsoe