DiscoverMorbid: A True Crime PodcastEpisode 269: The Murder of Nancy Rentz
Episode 269: The Murder of Nancy Rentz

Episode 269: The Murder of Nancy Rentz

Update: 2021-10-0920


Nancy Rentz was a woman who was loved and cared about by so many people; her parents, her twin sister, her younger sister, her brother and her children. She undeniably touched the lives of everyone around her and truly just seemed like one of the most beautiful people inside and out. Unfortunately Nancy was killed by one of the people who was supposed to love and protect her throughout life: her husband, Brad Cooper. 

If you or someone you know is being affected by domestic violence please reach out to these resources:

National Domestic Violence Hotline:

. Website:

. Phone Number: 1800-799- SAFE (7233)

. OR TEXT “Start” to 88788

Shelter Safe:

. provides information to help connect women and their children across Canada with the nearest shelter for safety and support.

Hope for Wellness:

.24/7 Help Line: 1-855-242-3310

.Available to all Indigenous peoples across Canada who are seeking immediate crisis intervention.

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Elizabeth 'Betsy' Banta

Found my life long best friends panties in my bed. I grew up with her on one side of our house and him on the other. It had gone on a year and a half. We were two weeks shy of our 20th wedding anniversary. They never treated each other any different in front of me than they always had. Beat the shit out of her on a Saturday morning in front of all the neighbors. Tossed him out ten minutes after I confronted him because all I wanted to do was get a hammer and smash his face in. People are shit.

Oct 14th
Reply (2)


Don’t expect the courts to do anything for the victim. The victim is still Blaimed and all the abuser has to do is take a class a few weeks and move on .

Oct 11th


This story kept bringing my mind back to "Maid". It's a show based on a true story & book. It's on Netflix right now. Maid is similiar to this podcast episode because it also involves domestic abuse, a strong female wife, and a child (of course, sigh). I don't know how it ends yet.. so don't tell me!! The guy on your episode sounds pretty clearly to be a narcissistic sociopath. But that's just a guess.

Oct 11th

Greg Bale

Plea deals of this sort are a pox on everybody's legal systems. It always seems to be these narcissistic scumbags that benefit from the clogged courts and underfunded prosecutors' offices. Grrrrrr....

Oct 10th








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Episode 269: The Murder of Nancy Rentz

Episode 269: The Murder of Nancy Rentz

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