DiscoverWhat the HELL Were You Thinking?Episode 270: Donwanna Be An American Idiot
Episode 270: Donwanna Be An American Idiot

Episode 270: Donwanna Be An American Idiot

Update: 2020-07-20


Show Notes Episode 270: Donwanna Be An American Idiot

This week Host Dave Bledsoe has a reading by a noted astrologer who predicts he will stiff her on the fee. (Uncanny how accurate that was!) On the show this week we talk about how everything is just so damn dumb right now. (It’s a recurring topic.)

Along the way we visit an article from UK Vice who takes men to task for not liking popular things, and we take the popular things to task for being really stupid. Then we spend some time with the newest contender to the office of President of the United States, Kanye West. (We are totally serious, we are not Kanye is.) While the idea sounds absurd, we remind you that we all thought the current occupant was absurd when he came down that escalator! (Remember how we laughed? No one is laughing now.) To further demonstrate how stupid things are, we then dig in with a Twitter hack that was so transparently a hack that no one could possibly believe it was true. (So naturally a bunch people thought it was true.) Then we have some bad news about your cousin who is in jail in Jakarta, so we are gonna need you to go to the CVS and buy a bunch of Apple gift cards to get him out of jail. (Don’t worry, you can trust us, just give us the number on the back of the card.)

Our Sponsor this week is the Celebrity Control Corporation, don’t let your meal ticket ruin your sweet deal, call Celebrity Control Corporation. We open the show with Dennis Miller, when he was still sane and close with Robyn Adele Anderson with a new take on an American classic in classic American style!

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Episode 270: Donwanna Be An American Idiot

Episode 270: Donwanna Be An American Idiot

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