DiscoverWhat the HELL Were You Thinking?Episode 271: Q Can It Be Now?
Episode 271: Q Can It Be Now?

Episode 271: Q Can It Be Now?

Update: 2020-07-27


Episode 271: “Q Can It Be Now?”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe uncovers the truth about the conspiracy keeping him from paying his tab at the liquor store! (Hint: He’s a deadbeat and you should never give him a tab ANYWHERE!)  On the show this week, we take a fresh look at the Q Anon Conspiracy only to find, somehow, against all odds, it’s gotten dumber.

Along the way we learn how JFK’s 1960 Presidential run alienated the good folks of the rural South by making them fear being forced to eat at Long John Silver on Friday! (The fish was really quite tasty!)  Then we dive DEEP into the latest doings of the good folks who believe that Chrissy Tiegen and Tom Hanks are cooking babies at their pedo cabal Zoom Calls.  (HOW DARE YOU PEOPLE ATTACK TOM HANKS!)  Then we take a quick look at the Q Candidates for elected office this Fall and find to our utter lack of surprise, they are ALL Republicans!  (Where they go dumb, they go all the way in!) We take a gander at overpriced cabinets and how they are really just young girls being shipped around the world.  (We wish we were making that up.) Then we find out how JFK Jr is going to save us all ANY DAY NOW.  (Any day really.  I mean, he should be here by now, he is probably stuck in traffic or something.)

Our Sponsor this week is returning Sponsor Anonymous Internet Guy, who wants you to know about their new podcast “Q-Tips” The Q Tip you CAN put in your ears.  We open the show with Elene Bennes losing a contest over John John and close with Postmodern Jukebox asking who it might be.  

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Episode 271: Q Can It Be Now?

Episode 271: Q Can It Be Now?

Dave Bledsoe