DiscoverWhat the HELL Were You Thinking?Episode 273: School's Out FOREVER!
Episode 273:  School's Out FOREVER!

Episode 273: School's Out FOREVER!

Update: 2020-08-08


Show Notes Episode 273: School’s Out FOREVER

This week Host Dave Bledsoe wonders what if we DIDN’T need no education? (Our best guess is you wind up the Host of a low rated podcast.) On the show this week we take a look at an issue that does not concern us in the least, yet could actually kill us: should we reopen schools. (Probably not, but they will do it anyway.)

Along the way investigate all the arguments for both sides of the issue, which in a rare twist of fate, both sides are right. (Don’t worry, it’s still America, both sides are also wrong!) We look for advice from experts and find that they are as divided and clueless as we are. (Great, maybe they will start a podcast too.) From the CDC, who we could trust once upon a time, to educational scholars to Edna Blumenthal, Dave’s 4th grade teacher. (Who wants you to know Dave was a pure horror to teach, and had lousy penmanship.) Finally, out of frustration we turn to our old friend history to tell us what to do. (Turns out, history has no fucking clue either.)

Our Sponsor this week is Bible School in a Box, an education, but not a GOOD one. We open the show with our favorite 80’s education film, and close with Daphne and Celeste who are celebrating the end of education as we know it!

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Coronavirus Updates: Deadline For NYC Public School Parents On Hybrid Learning Due Today

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Episode 273:  School's Out FOREVER!

Episode 273: School's Out FOREVER!

Dave Bledsoe