DiscoverWhat the HELL Were You Thinking?Episode 274: Wait A Minute Mister Postmaster
Episode 274: Wait A Minute Mister Postmaster

Episode 274: Wait A Minute Mister Postmaster

Update: 2020-08-17


Show Notes Episode 274: “Wait A Minutes Mister Postmaster!”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe finally hears back from Santa Claus about that GI Joe USS Flagg playset he asked for so long ago, only to be told Santa doesn’t deliver toys to forty eight year old dudes. (And that Dave was also VERY naughty that year!) On the show this week we lick it, stick and push it in the box.! (The mailbox you pervs!) Along the way we learn all the ways President Diminished Capacity is destroying the post service because he knows his ass can’t win without cheating. Then we learn ALL about the Post Office with a visit from Old Mister History! (Oh, god, he is trying to get you LEARN again!) Finally we discuss whether or not we even NEED a postal service anymore (Hint: YES!) and some ways you can fight back against the tiny flaccid fascists attempts to stay in power. (It means you are going to have to actually DO something, so get ready.)

Our Sponsor this week is Fast Eddies Super Duper Discount Parcel Service, when it absolutely, positively has to get there sometime or another, Fast Eddie’s delivers. We open with the show the Paragon of Postal Professionals explaining why the job is so stressful and close with young Paul Moody waiting for his mail.

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Episode 274: Wait A Minute Mister Postmaster

Episode 274: Wait A Minute Mister Postmaster

Dave Bledsoe