DiscoverWhat the HELL Were You Thinking?Episode 276: Ooh, What a Cucky Man, He Was
Episode 276: Ooh, What a Cucky Man, He Was

Episode 276: Ooh, What a Cucky Man, He Was

Update: 2020-08-31


Show Notes Episode 276: “Ooh What a Cucky Man, He Was”

This week Host Dave Bledsoe proves once again he has no shame by revealing WAY too many intimate details about his life. (If it makes you uncomfortable hearing them, imagine being in the same ROOM with him knowing what we know?) On the show this week, we tell you the gripping story of a pair of religious hucksters and the hunky pool boy! (From our forthcoming children's book!)

Along the way we learn the life story of Jerry Falwell Jr, his rise from the eldest son of rich evangelical scam artist bilking money from the believers and demonizing everyone who doesn’t believe as they do, to his eventual downfall for doing exactly the sort of thing his Daddy and he demonized people for. (It’s called karma, bitch!) Then we take on all the people out there shaking their fingers at those of us who are delighting in calling out Jerry Jr for being the little, little cuck boy he actually is! (Cuck a doodle doo!) We explain in large words and many profanities we are not kink shaming because there is no shame in ANY kink so long as everyone is down for it! (Yes, even scat play!) We further explain that it is YOUR fear of your own kink that makes you such freaking BUZZKILL! (This week's show is sure to offend everyone!) Finally we learn more than you, or us, or ANYONE ever wanted to know about Dave’s sex life. (See our merch shop for What the HELL Were You Thinking branded barf bags!)

Our Sponsor this week is Paolo’s Pool Patrol, you know you have a dirty, dirty pool and need Paolo to send someone so...service it. We open with Riker trying to get Picard to let his freak flag fly and close with mokusmisi and what is a much dirtier song than you remember.

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Business partner of Falwells says affair with evangelical power couple spanned seven years

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Episode 276: Ooh, What a Cucky Man, He Was

Episode 276: Ooh, What a Cucky Man, He Was

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