DiscoverWhat the HELL Were You Thinking?Episode 279: Warning! Challenger Jokes Ahead!
Episode 279:  Warning!  Challenger Jokes Ahead!

Episode 279: Warning! Challenger Jokes Ahead!

Update: 2020-09-21


Episode 279: Warning, Challenger Jokes Ahead

This week Host Dave Bledsoe volunteers to be the first podcast host in space thinking it might convince people to buy him free drinks. (It doesn’t.) On the show this week we are somehow topical and yet entirely outdated as we talk about the Challenger Disaster. (Yes, sadly, he DOES do the jokes.)

Along the way we learn that most of what people SAY they remember about The Day Gen X Died is kinda wrong. (Kinda like Dave trying to recall last Tuesday!) From there we jump right into the grim and stupid tale of the Shuttle Challenger disaster, mostly gleaned from the Netflix docu-series Challenger: Final Flight. (We are not afraid to let others do our research for us!) We learn why someone thought it was a good idea to send an untrained civilian into freaking Space. (Reagan was doing badly with teachers.) We meet the starry eyed optimist teacher who erroneously believed no one would be so STUPID as to send an untrained civilian into space if it were at ALL dangerous. (Turns out they would, and it was.) Then we explain all the ways this didn’t have to happen and why it was always GOING to happen. (Turns out NASA, not exactly well managed.) Finally, we talk about the jokes, (Honestly, this was always going to be about the jokes.) and how they colored the world view of an entire generation.

Our Sponsor this week is the Russian Space Agency, you want to go space cheap, fly Russian Space Agency, coming back costs extra. We open the show with Jerry Seinfeld from a Tonight Show appearance in the 1980’s and close with Pushnoy singing about the Ford 150 of space!

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Episode 279:  Warning!  Challenger Jokes Ahead!

Episode 279: Warning! Challenger Jokes Ahead!

Dave Bledsoe