DiscoverThe SeanGeek PodcastEpisode 286 – Take It Off, Threatin’ing Kiss
Episode 286 – Take It Off, Threatin’ing Kiss

Episode 286 – Take It Off, Threatin’ing Kiss

Update: 2020-09-28


Today’s episode was recorded from Silver Moon Salon.

(1:00 ). Because you have asked for it, we provide updates on FastFret’s cat Wynston’s surgery and his recovery.

(5:01 ) Did you know you can play with a member of Kiss and post those videos online? But can you? Should you? During a recent rabbit hole on YouTube, Phil Proietti came on our radar and we try to analyze who this guy is. Is he really playing with members of Kiss or is this some kind of bamboozle to snag views on his channel? We are asking you the listener to provide some input on this guy, who he is and what level of connection to Kiss that he actually is. Or even better, we’d love to talk to the guy to find out. Is he legit because we really don’t want to be Jared Threatin’d.

(21:20 ) We watch Kuarantine’s No, No, No, an all-star cover of a Kiss song featuring members of the Luke Bryan band, Klassic ’78, Trixter and Winnipeg’s own Chris Jericho. Be warned, the worst ever Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons imitations may happen. How does it compare to the original and how much better does it chart compared to Kiss? And how has this cover affected Jericho’s relationship with the Kiss duo?

(34:00 ) We talk 80’s Kiss, Kiss’s underrated guitarist Bruce Kulick, revolving around the new Kiss book Take It Off: Kiss Truly Unmasked. We discuss the book’s Winnipeg connection with Brent Fitz, THE Winnipeg Kiss Convention (43:00 ) and meeting Bruce Kulick.

(50:49 ) Do you have car insurance but haven’t driven your car since COVID started? Seanorama shares his own story with that.

Take It Off: Kiss Truly Unmasked

KUARANTINE - No No No (feat. Chris Jericho)

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Episode 286 – Take It Off, Threatin’ing Kiss

Episode 286 – Take It Off, Threatin’ing Kiss

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