DiscoverBreaking Down The LawEpisode 3: Pre-litigation is Legit!
Episode 3: Pre-litigation is Legit!

Episode 3: Pre-litigation is Legit!

Update: 2020-09-02


Episode #3: Pre-Litigation Law is Legit! 

For this episode of the Breaking Down The Law Podcast we're joined by Brantley Sasseen, a personal injury attorney in Houston who specializes in pre-litigation legal services. He's joined by Breaking Down The Law Podcast host, Ashley Rodriguez.

During today’s episode, we’ll be asking Brantley what goes into a personal injury claim, which is known as pre-litigation or the portion of your case that occurs before trial or settlement discussions. Brantley has over a decade of experience in pre-litigation and will share his advice on:

  • Pre-litigation is the process of collecting information about an accident or injury once an individual selects a law firm to help them with their case.
  • Your lawyer will assess what insurance coverages are available, try to identify the liable party, instruct additional pre-litigation investigations assignments, help the client with seeking medical care for their injuries and recovery treatments, and filing the claim with your insurance provider/s. They will also aggressively follow-up with your insurance provider and their claim adjuster to ensure your case is addressed quickly and not stuck in legal purgatory.
  • Once you receive a settlement offer from the demand package sent in by your firm, you either accept the offer or your lawyer will counter depending on what your needs are. 
  • Benefits of pre-litigation include having more control of your outcome vs. going to trial and possibly losing without compensation. This is why pre-litigation settlements can be advantageous to secure car accident settlements.  

Brantley discusses these points and so many more, so we hope you’ll join us for this episode! You can learn more about Brantley by visiting him online at

Stay tuned for the next installment of the Breaking Down The Law Podcast with Stewart J Guss and Ashley Rodriguez!

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Episode 3: Pre-litigation is Legit!

Episode 3: Pre-litigation is Legit!

Stewart J Guss