Episode 3: The Day

Episode 3: The Day

Update: 2022-10-1795


A devastating explosion rips through a munitions plant in a small New Jersey town. And the American public is left with the chilling fact that the federal government had been warned about such an attack almost a year prior. The tip had come from a private spy ring operating in Los Angeles that was intent on doing what law enforcement had largely failed to do. Infiltrate far-right groups plotting violence across the country, and foil their plots before it was too late.

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Bea Nelson

So the Japanese Americans were put in concentration camps while the Nazis were out in the open.

Jan 19th

Chips Fowler

After these three episodes and the whole Bag Man series, it seems like things really have not changed a lot. Still have right wing groups behaving the same way. Claiming they have been wronged and it always somebody else's fault.

Nov 8th

Bobby Tumbleweed

The Republican Party using the accusation of Democrats 'abusing franking privileges' in the mid 1990s was simply revenge for being found out for their use of franking privileges during these events. The difference between the Democrats using franking privileges and the Republicans: The Democrats were sending out Christmas cards. The Republicans were using the system to further Hitler's agenda.

Nov 6th

Katie Edmonson

I'm absolutely obsessed with Rachel and all she does. she makes me want to learn more about our history and the insane things our country has and is doing.

Oct 22nd

Emily Graham

Leon Lewis is clearly an American hero that we should all know more about. Thank you for bringing his heroism to a wider audience.

Oct 18th
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Bea Kiddo

I live near the church in Royal oak Michigan in the previous episode, I’ll never look at that church the same way again. What a trip. The more you know people.

Oct 18th
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The similarities with today's most radicalized GOP are frightening.

Oct 17th
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Episode 3: The Day

Episode 3: The Day

Rachel Maddow, Steven J. Ross, Bradley Hart