DiscoverThe Lucky FewEpisode 30 - Surviving (And Thriving) This Summer!
Episode 30 - Surviving (And Thriving) This Summer!

Episode 30 - Surviving (And Thriving) This Summer!

Update: 2019-07-01


Hi friends, we’ve missed you! Summer is here and so are we! What better way to kick off your vacay season than with an episode full of tips, tricks, and travel strategies to keep you and your family going all summer long? Because let’s face it, these supposedly kick back and carefree months can be a little (or maybe a lot) hard. Asking our kiddos (especially those with Down Syndrome) to break out of their routine and embrace the unexpected might feel impossible. But friends, we promise you that is always worth it! 

When your child refuses to transition between summer camp activities, but then just an hour later conquers her fears and climbs to the top of a very tall ropes course, it’s worth it.  When you worry over your child’s health because they won’t eat new foods on summer vacation, but then you see him giggling with his grandparents, it’s worth it. When your child requires some extra support from a camp counselor, and you have to explain all the things about her again and again, but then you see all the fun she has with their peers, it’s worth it. 

To all of you Lucky Mamas, Dads, Friends, Caregivers- we get it. Our best advice is to prepare your child for their summer activities. Wait it out while they adapt to their new environment/expectation. Then shake it off if your plan doesn’t quite work out. Most importantly, never stop celebrating your kiddos with Down Syndrome and all the joys of these sunny months.  

So Happy Summer, friends! We are so glad to be BACK, and did we mention? This time- we’re here to stay. You heard it here first, no more long breaks between each season of the podcast. In fact, no more seasons at all. Get ready for an episode each and every week, dear listeners! We hope you’re as excited about this as we are! 

One last thing, do us a favor and let us know what you want to hear us chat about! Submit your questions to our Instagram page or shoot us an email at Oh and don’t forget to call in your good news. Let us know how awesome your loved one with Down Syndrome is by calling and leaving a message at: (424) 442-9147. We want to feature your voice on our next episode!


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Episode 30 - Surviving (And Thriving) This Summer!

Episode 30 - Surviving (And Thriving) This Summer!

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