DiscoverThe Lucky FewEpisode 31 - Abortion and Down Syndrome
Episode 31 - Abortion and Down Syndrome

Episode 31 - Abortion and Down Syndrome

Update: 2019-07-08


Buckle up, friends. Today we’re diving into an important yet tricky topic: abortion and Down Syndrome. You may have seen in recent news that many states are suggesting laws that allow for abortion of a fetus with Down Syndrome at any point in the pregnancy. You may have also seen that a few states have begun to enact legislation that would protect babies with DS against such laws. Regardless of which side you support, we invite you to engage in this conversation with us. Know that we acknowledge the circumstances that often lead to abortion, the support needed to sustain a full term pregnancy and then to raise that human, the various perspectives that can shape your view on abortion, and the long term effects of having an abortion.

Yet, the way we see it, this is less of an abortion conversation and more of a humanity conversation. After all, who determines the value of an unborn life? If you’re pro-life, then what are you doing for the vulnerable lives who have been born? What if we shift the Down Syndrome narrative so much so that there is no such thing as Down Syndrome adoption at all? Do we see people with Down Syndrome as fully human and fully capable?

We’re tackling these tough questions and a whole lot more this week. Friends, help us remove our blinders and engage in this conversation with us by visiting our Instagram and leaving us a comment or message! And as always, thank you shouting the worth and shifting the narrative with us, dear listeners!



See abortion rates for babies with a prenatal Down Syndrome diagnosis here

Discover what people with Down Syndrome say about their quality of life here

Read “A Word On Pro-Life” by Heather Avis

Read “Stop Dragging My Child With Down Syndrome Into Your Arguments About Abortion” by Micha Boyett

Read “I would’ve aborted a fetus with Down Syndrome. Women Need That Right.” by Ruth Marcus

Learn more about legislation that protects unborn babies with Down Syndrome here


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Episode 31 - Abortion and Down Syndrome

Episode 31 - Abortion and Down Syndrome

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