DiscoverLife After MLMEpisode 32 : "Ruth" - Part 1
Episode 32 : "Ruth" - Part 1

Episode 32 : "Ruth" - Part 1

Update: 2021-05-232


*Content Warning* This episode features a former rep from Pure Romance, an MLM that deals with adult products and toys. We talk about many topics that are not suitable for younger listeners, and could be triggering for some, including sexual situations and trauma. Please listen at your own discretion.

"Ruth" joined Pure Romance when her previous MLM, Slumber Parties was bought out and they were merged together. For 7 years, she was at the top 5% of the company, educating on sexual health and wellness, or so she thought. Despite any gut feelings, she stayed because she genuinely loved connecting with her customers. After realizing that some of the people she was helping needed a lot more than she could offer, "Ruth" found her true calling.

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Episode 32 : "Ruth" - Part 1

Episode 32 : "Ruth" - Part 1

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