Episode 32 - Criticism - Can you handle it?

Episode 32 - Criticism - Can you handle it?

Update: 2020-11-18


In this episode, Angela and Patti explore criticism and how to respond without it overtaking your emotions.  When we thought about this topic - we wanted to come from the perspective on how to handle being criticized in your relationships and your work environment.

No matter how awful someone treats you. Remember the concept of "hurting people hurt others." Stop, reflect, and walk away. I know it is hard to walk away when emotions overtake you. However, just because you don't react, it doesn't mean you didn't notice the behavior or accept it. The only way to stop a toxic person is not to engage with them. Address the situation later when you both have time to think it over and calm down, not in the heat of the moment if you can get a coaching session to help digest and explore the situation to resolve or how to handle it. I know there are times when things need immediate attention. Just remind yourself to keep your emotions in check and follow the tips we have given here. Sometimes responding in anger makes you look like a fool in front of others and may cost you career opportunities or relationships.

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Episode 32 - Criticism - Can you handle it?

Episode 32 - Criticism - Can you handle it?

Angela & Patti