Episode 33 - Work Doesn't Have To Suck

Episode 33 - Work Doesn't Have To Suck

Update: 2021-11-08


In this week’s episode, I talk with Keith Johns.  After a very successful career climbing the ranks at companies, he realized something was missing in his life.  He was not living the best life he wanted for himself and his family.   It wasn’t until he reconnected with a former colleague, who was now a coach, that he realized he didn’t want the 9-5 life anymore and he made the leap to start a side hustle which is now his full time work.  He had to accept the truth that “it is ok to make a change”.

More about Keith Johns...

Keith is a mindset, energy, and behavior coach with a passionate belief: Work shouldn't suck. He helps people rediscover their purpose, step into the highest version of themselves, and design a professional life that's full of joy and purpose.

How to connect with Keith...
LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/keithjohns/

Interested in working with Keith...
Keith has 1 enrollment spot open in November for his “Ditch your 9-5” coaching program and he has 2 slots available in December. That’s it, just 3 spots for the rest of the year! Lock in your place as you head into the New Year. You’ve got one life! Time to live it. Work shouldn’t suck.

In this episode you’ll specifically learn...

  • The impact that pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone can have on your point of view
  • The importance of doing the hard work, the self-reflection about what is off and what you want to be different
  • How you can interview a company to find the right match so you don’t find yourself in the same situation in six months or a year 
I’m Karen Weeks, the Founder & Principal Coach at KDW Coaching, the host of the Shine at Work podcast, a speaker, published author, Girls in Tech NYC board member and award winning culture leader (currently leading the People team at Ordergroove). My purpose is guiding individuals to get unstuck from a career that is draining them and transform their careers so they can feel the same renewed energy I did all those years ago when I transitioned from theatre to human resources to coaching. I live in NYC with my husband and furry babies!

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Episode 33 - Work Doesn't Have To Suck

Episode 33 - Work Doesn't Have To Suck